I am Senna Sallons AkA Kid , 18 years old and currently studying studio recording and sound engineering. In my spare time I make beats.

Teargas Video out now!

Today Freeman Washington premiered his Teargas Video. A full & complete interview will be published asap! Check out his fabulous video!

J-Fasa & Richy

A real complement to each other. One has flow and the other has text. Not only are they a duo, but also almost real brothers

Double U

Double U an original name and an original artist. This artist has a lot of perseverance to which he also owes his stage name. Double


When we talk about a producer, we quickly make a picture in our head and we form a man. While a lot of creativity can


We probably know some artists, but can they also produce beats? And if you let them stand behind a DJ set, will they be able

Mad Flex is out now!

The Return of Downside24, the Rapper Who Literally Lost his Voice Birmingham-based rapper, Downside24 releases his latest track, “Mad Flex”. The track also produced by

Next Route – Take Away Your Pain – PRE-RELEASE !!

We are proud to announce the release of ‘Take Away Your Pain’ by Next Route Release date: August 13th Here is the teaser video

Freedom 2021 – Velinski is out now !!!

We are very proud to release Velinski’s Freedom 2021 (in 3 edits)   This exciting EDM song was recorded by the highly respected writing/production team