Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Ric Elvis is an Ugandan Gospel /Inspirational Music Singer and performing artist.He is 25 years old and currently living in the capital of Uganda Kampala where he is ambassador for our Top Talent Promotions department.

Ric Elvis is signed@Compulse Records recently, because we discovered his enormous talent in creating beautiful songs. Next to singing and creating music, he can perform and dance very well. With his skill in designing, he is also able to make all his own cover designs and also to help us with design for other artists.

This is Ric Elvis in his own words: “Well, I grew up with musical rhythms inside of me and the only way I could express them is through writing/ composing music. Iam inspired by beautiful sounds, technically am inspired by music itself. I love music and I use it as an instrument to pass on messages unto this generation to preach the love of God and to tame humanity.”

We welcome Ric Elvis with open arms in our Music Family. Take a second to go follow and subscribe to Ric on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube on the Icon Links below.

By Richard

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