J-Fasa & Richy

A real complement to each other. One has flow and the other has text.

Not only are they a duo, but also almost real brothers who share a lot with each other.

We’re talking about J-Fasa and Richy. Two talented artists who can go far with their music.

They seriously started making music 4 years ago. Before that, they did something here and there for fun. It started in a room of the producer SIX10 with no equipment just a demo version to make beats. Even now they are still in the studio together. Serious music will be made from this collaboration between J-Fasa, Richy and SIX10.

If you were to make a playlist of all their tunes they already have it would be a mix of drill, trap & a bit of Hip Hop. What they mainly want to convey are the choices from a dark boy from the neighbourhood faces with their age. Of course also the wisdom they have built up so far, so that others are not faced with surprises.

Other than that, they have big plans for the future. One of those plans is to have collaborations with Sevn Alias, Frenna, Mon9, Jordymon9. The second goal is to participate in various festivals next summer. And the last thing is to have a sold-out ahoy for their own concert within now and 6 years. Hard work is required, but the inspiration and motivation is there.

The inspiration comes from different sides, but mainly it comes from things they have experienced and seen themselves. “We haven’t always had it right, this is our path to success” they say.

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I am Senna Sallons AkA Kid , 18 years old and currently studying studio recording and sound engineering. In my spare time I make beats.

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