This is

This is Compulse Records

Compulse Records stands for ‘Compose and Pulse’ and stands for music that connects people. Hence in our logo the recognition of the connection sign @. The C and the R stand in a ring, which is known worldwide as protection of rights.

Since we, as a label, stand for making connections between musicians, between musicians and producers, between musicians and the listeners of their music and for protecting and honestly rewarding their work, all these signs of recognition fit well with the recognition of our logo. Compulse Records is committed to become the new beating heart of music together with you.

What we do

From our label we make audio and video recordings with our talented artists in The Bandstart Studio in Naarden. We think it’s important that our artists get the freedom to work with their creativity and talents. We offer them the opportunity to break through into the music industry and to help and guide them where necessary.

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