Thu. Aug 18th, 2022



Frank van de Woord

My name is Frank F. van de Woord.
After several years of playing different instruments and singing in bands, I started to know the music business a bit.
When we built The Bandstart Studio with friends (in 2000), we took all knowledge with us from where we rehearsed in the past and where we had contracts with managers and labels. We wanted to do it a bit different with good ambiance and more honesty towards musicians. We created a place that every musician would call home.
My task is being the creative director of this company. To scout, accompany and deliver jobs to talented people, creating music and film are my tasks and passion.

Evert Jan de Braal

I am Evert Jan de Braal and most people know me as E.J.
I was born in 1955 and from a very young age I was interested in music equipment and in good music itself.
When I was 12 I built my first mixing table from lots of unexpected materials, but it worked. When i reached the age of 23 I had my first analog multitrack recording in a true studio, Just building up experience all the time and at the age of 25 i got the chance of mixing live bands on a multiple days festival with over 60.000 people in Germany.
That was beyond my biggest expectations, it was such a great experience, after that I worked at several places, building all kinds of sound equipment and also done repairs of equipment. That helped me in learning about for example why microphones act the way they do and why they have that special frequency area. And its also good to have knowledge about what actually happens inside a mixing table to process the sound we hear on the outside of it. Later I also got several music projects in Crete.
Every summer holiday we make a music tour along all Dutch Islands with Horizon Tour. With lots of large sailboats we sail to all of those islands with good musicians on-board and of course a good team of sound engineers. Its a great event each year. For several years now i have helped Frank as his sound engineer in the Bandstart Studio and together with our good team we built up the music label Compulse Records. I hope we can help all musicians that visit or contact us to get a very nice recording, mixing and mastering product to build their career in music together with us.

Bjorn van der Leij

Hello my name is Bjorn van der Leij, 
I am a 19 year old photographer ,filmer, editor and Junior Manager at Compulse Records.
My job is to release the music of our artists and to make sure  the release goes according to plan.
My passions are Music, Photography, Filming and Editing.