Theya LeRoy

Theya is a singer-songwriter, producer and pianist based in Falmouth, UK.

An artist mainly creates in pop and electronica music genres. However, she is interested in incorporating house and jazz music elements into her practice as well as lyrically expressing her aim of equality to do with gender, race, culture or religion which is crucial to cover in today’s society. The main key in her music is drawing an image of emotions through her compositions that blend well with sad or meaningful or inspiring lyrics.

Theya’s first single as an independent artist called ‘I Opened My Heart’ was played on BBC Music Introducing in Devon and Cornwall led with a great feedback. 

Artist’s background

An artist grew up in Kaunas city, Lithuania where at the age 6 she joined ‘Sacral’ music school. There she started playing piano and singing in the choir. After years spent in music school where Theya gained knowledge in classical and medieval music, in 2016 she joined conservatoire in her city where she deepened her understanding  and musical skills in classical, jazz, pop music. Currently an artist is about to graduate from Falmouth University – BA Popular music course where songwriter got introduced with music production and since the ending of the 2019 been writing, recording and releasing her own music on all the main streaming platforms. All these studies inspired Theya to explore what is behind the sound which led her to create meaningful and exclusive music that blends different genres together.

At the moment we are working together on a new song, one to be released in Juni 2021. We will keep you updated !

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