I am Senna Sallons AkA Kid , 18 years old and currently studying studio recording and sound engineering. In my spare time I make beats. I started making beats on my phone  6/7 years ago. Since about 2/3 years ago I started working with FL studio on my laptop. My future goals are to work with many famous people and to have studio sessions with them.  When I work with an artist or when people listen to a tune that I produced, it’s meant to be that catchy or good that it goes on and on in their heads. I get my inspiration from many different songs and producers. I really like how Youngkio, CashmoneyAP make their beats. I think those American producers are really my inspiration. Not necessarily only their beats, but also their image inspires me. One of my future dreams is to have a studio session with Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G.

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