We probably know some artists, but can they also produce beats? And if you let them stand behind a DJ set, will they be able to understand everything?

Most likely not. Now we can say we are lucky at Compulse Records. We have someone in our team who have some much talents Samuel AKA SAMZ (19 years old). Now he mainly focuses on writing and singing songs, but that is certainly not the only thing he can do. His genre is now afro music, r&b, hip hop and Dutch hip hop. Before he started singing, he DJed, made beats and wrote lyrics for a while. His passion is really music, which is why he wanted to perform more by himself.

He was born and raised in Amsterdam with a Nigerian background. You can also hear this in his music. From here he also tries to make a mix of a Nigerian and Dutch flow. He therefore also has afro artists as inspiration that he looks up to. Like Burna Boy, he learns a lot from him and has been listening to his music for a very long time. The way his melodies give him the feeling that Burna Boy really wants to tell something with his music is something special. Samz also wants to do this, but in his own way.

The second person who inspires him is called Ramz, he is a rapper/singer and gave Samz a good boost in terms of motivation at the beginning.

He speaks to Samz with his music because the lyrics are a lot about love and the reality. Ramz has the flow he also tries to create but with his own twist. So that it really will suits him and remains original. For the rest, his inspiration mainly comes from love and what he has experienced in it. He really tries to express the emotion and the feeling that he experiences in his music.

His goals for the future are to create name awareness for himself in Nigeria and the Netherlands, because his music is quite international. He also wants to be on big stages and grow as an artist. There is much more planned for Samz.. Keep an eye on Instagram to stay informed!

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I am Senna Sallons AkA Kid , 18 years old and currently studying studio recording and sound engineering. In my spare time I make beats.

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