Mad Flex is out now!

The Return of Downside24, the Rapper Who Literally Lost his Voice

Birmingham-based rapper, Downside24 releases his latest track, “Mad Flex”.

The track also produced by Super producer Ayobeatz and sees Downside24 picking up where he left off after a life event almost left him facing the rest of his life unable to speak and even facing a battle for life itself.

Downside24 was riding the crest of a musical wave in the UK when he received devastating news. Diagnosed with thyroid cancer, the rapper and entrepreneur knew that even if he survived his battle, he potentially faced the rest of his life unable to speak, let alone rap. After surgery to remove both thyroids and radiotherapy, Downside24 felt like his life was over, his life changed forever and a lifetime of medication ahead.

Motivated by his love of music and the support of his friends around him, Downside24 is back sounding better than ever!

Combining elements of UK and Jamaica , it sees Downside24 teaming up with Ayobeatz and creating a sound which is as fresh and cutting-edge as ever. “Mad Flex” with the catchy chorus is expected to get high in the charts.

The music video that accompanies the song,” Mad Flex” was shot and filmed in the Netherlands!

A special live band version, recorded at the Compulse Records studio in The Netherlands, is set be released on November 12th, 2021

Listen to Mad Flex on Spotify or other streaming services like Apple. Also you may want to follow Downside24 on his Instagram. We provide you with some links!

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