Jamie Felton has joined Compulse Records !!

Here at Compulse Records, we popped the Champagne as Jamie Felton has joined our music family!

We welcome him with open arms and will make him proud that he’s family now!

About Jamie:

Jamie Felton is a 24 year old professional musician from Ardley, Oxfordshire. Since picking up the guitar in 2006, Jamie’s burning desire to break into the music industry has fuelled considerable success in his career. Having won numerous talent competitions, gained major musical qualifications and played over 650 gigs, JF graduated from The Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford, in 2017, achieving a first class honours degree in music and songwriting.

Combining unique and unpredictable lyrical concepts with carefully-articulated arrangements, Jamie’s works are of the most eclectic on the market.

USP? Variety! His songs cover an extremely vibrant range of genres – rock to folk pop, latino to funk, country to comedy. The lyrical content also boasts diversity, discussing topics such as unemployment, live music, Brexit and Guildfordian marriage rejections on his last EP. Moreover, Jamie writes, arranges, records and co-produces his tracks himself, helped by an ability to play six instruments. 

Felton’s energy and enthusiasm shines in a live show bursting with dynamic stage presence; a common feature is playing guitar solos around the room with his wireless guitar system. He can leave you amazed by originals, entertained by twisted covers or with a sore throat from timeless classics! He gives a real and honest performance, decorated with guitar and vocal virtuosity that leaves the crowds howling for more.

Check out and follow Jamie on the social icon links below….

Jamie is a young man with a great future ahead of him ! But most of all Enjoy his ‘Addicted to the Music’ video on YouTube!

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