We are very proud to announce that “Smokes” has signed with our label.

Born in Rotterdam and now living in Zwijndrecht in NL –  he signed last weekend with our label! We are proud that we have him in our family. Smokes is a rapper in whom we believe in, a very gifted word-wizard..but why not let him introduce himself:

I was born in Rotterdam and moved a few times over the years. But the place I truly call home is Zwijndrecht because that’s where I’ve lived the longest. After hearing hip-hop for the first time I immediatly fell in love. I bought an mp3 player with my allowence and completely stuffed it with music from founding fathers like Eminem, 2pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, etc. These legends became the sound of my late childhood.

When I got older I was introduced to Dutch hip-hop. Listening to this I thought to myself; “I can do this too.” So I got myself a notebook and started writing everything down. I continued to do this for years and scribbles turned into songs. Being surrounded with people who did the same there was a lot of rivalry, I had to be the best.

“Smokes” is a name given to me by my closest friend when I was 14. I think you can guess why. So obviously it had to be my rap name. All this made me who I am, hip-hop is in my blood since I can remember. And I’m not affraid to bleed and show who ever tries to take my spot.

Please take a look (and follow him ) on his Spotify & Instagram accounts on the Icon links below…

We posted his latest song  “Veranderd” so you can hear his sweet worded magic! 

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