I am Senna Sallons AkA Kid , 18 years old and currently studying studio recording and sound engineering. In my spare time I make beats. I started making beats on my phone¬† 6/7 years ago. Since about 2/3 years ago I started working with FL studio on my laptop. My future goals are to work …

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Teargas Video out now!

Today Freeman Washington premiered his Teargas Video. A full & complete interview will be published asap! Check out his fabulous video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6Xj_cvQeFY

J-Fasa & Richy

A real complement to each other. One has flow and the other has text. Not only are they a duo, but also almost real brothers who share a lot with each other. We’re talking about J-Fasa and Richy. Two talented artists who can go far with their music. They seriously started making music 4 years …

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Double U

Double U an original name and an original artist. This artist has a lot of perseverance to which he also owes his stage name. Double u is written out in English as a W. The W stands for wins, he continues until he has achieved his goal and has won. His real name is Franklin …

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When we talk about a producer, we quickly make a picture in our head and we form a man. While a lot of creativity can also be found in a woman. Just look at Alison Wonderland or Roselilah who have already produced some for greatest artists. We also have a talented female producer in our …

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We probably know some artists, but can they also produce beats? And if you let them stand behind a DJ set, will they be able to understand everything? Most likely not. Now we can say we are lucky at Compulse Records. We have someone in our team who have some much talents Samuel AKA SAMZ …

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