Popzara (USA) picks up Kung Fu Jesus!

Popzara.com picking up Kung Fu Jesus in the States is a great promotion!

On the 6th June, the fantastic online entertainment and gaming reviews website Popzara.com have recently done a game review on our very own Craig Snape’s ‘Kung Fu Jesus and the search for Celestial Gold’ (check it out here).

They also written about the game’s  Soundtrack…you know the soundtrack that we at Compulse Records have released for KFJ ‘ It’s damn good’!

Didn’t have the time to listen to it yet? You need not worry as it has been available on Spotify and all major streaming services since the 27th of may 2021!

And to make things even better....they did a Podcast with him.

Here is the link to the podcast on Popzara.
And here is the link to Steam, where you can buy the game.
Enjoy the Soundtrack…and have fun gaming!

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