Naliwo – Ric Elvis is out now !

With enormous pleasure we announce that "Naliwo" from Ric Elvis has been released worldwide!

The song “Naliwo” has been released on all major streaming services. His video was released earlier and is picking up both local and global. 

The song is in the Ganda Language – aka Luganda and one of the major spoken languages in Uganda. The word “Naliwo” means “I was there” and the entire song talks about a period of time that Ric witnessed…a period that was tough, when everything seemed to be against him but somehow he made it by the hand of God.

Ric Elvis is an established artist in Uganda, frequently seen on television and is a popular artist on concerts!

The song has a powerful beat combined with a catchy melody and a great text. The perfect combination for this worldwide hit !

Even if you do not understand the words, the song will make you want to dance and be happy !

Here are some links where you can listen to or download Naliwo:

And here is the fantastic videoclip from the song, ENJOY !!!

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