Compulse Records is proud to introduce Velinski as our new and exciting artists.

Based in East London UK, VELINSKI are the songwriting / production team of Adam McEvoy and Andrew Williams. Over the last few years as unsigned artists they have had success working with different vocalists, achieving placings in the dance/club charts and extensive playlisting around the world especially the UK, US and Europe as well as becoming a well known emerging talent with important radio producers/presenters in the UK including the BBC.

In 2019/20 they enhanced their reputation with tracks of different styles – Celebrity, Don’t Wanna, Freedom, Living The Dream and Xmas Is A Tine For Everyone all of which were performed by quality vocalists. They have also produced exceptional mixes with their unique producing and arranging style, as is evidenced by their new EDM version of their dance track Freedom. Currently they are working on fresh versions of Celebrity.

Velinski are a huge songwriting/producion talent capable of producing all genres of commercial material with an ear to the latest sounds and musical trends. We are delighted they have agreed to sign to Compulse Records and we expect to help take them to the next level of major and sustained success.

Andrew and Adam initially met at a recording studio and instantly recognised how their abilities gelled and complimented each other. Whilst Adam has been developing a huge and successful music library of unsigned music for servicing industry clients, Andrew has been writing commercial sounding songs. Together they have arranged and produced this material whilst bringing in talented vocalists. In 2020 they worked remotely with a vocalist, American gospel singer Norris Williams ( no relation to Andrew), who recorded their Xmas song. This was hugely successful in the US with the video either being nominated for, or winning, many awards- including the New York Music Video Awards.

The guys have plans to release more of their own tracks in 2021/22 and are also hoping to work with other recording artists who have already approached them as their reputation has been spreading.

We certainly expect VELINSKI to be stars of the future on our label.

Check out and follow them on their social medis icon links below…

And we also have hot news!

We are going to release the new Freedom EDM 2021 version plus 2 extra mixes!

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