Compulse Records and JJ Kane combine forces!

It is with enormous pleasure to announce that JJ Kane has joined the Compulse Records family!

As Compulse Records is growing  with a tremendous pace we needed another  professional family member 
to lead our A&R and Creative content department.
With enormous pleasure we may now announce that JJ Kane will be the head of this department.
JJ Kane has music in her DNA, having worn every hat in the industry over the last 30 years, from touring singer-songwriter, running her own PR company, radio presenter for indie music now on 180 stations plus, the future really is Quite Great.
JJ Manages Simon Collins, yes that Simon Collins, Sound Of Contact, and son of Phil Collins, Bad Habbits (rapper From Newark NJ), Velinski  and Xander Cameron UK artist who is set for big things.
Some words from JJ herself:
” Thank you to all at Compulse Records, It’s an honour and a privilege to be part of the family, thank you to Richard Davaux for your belief in my passion and vision, becoming head of A&R and Creative Content, is a dream come true” Now let’s do this ” I couldn’t wish for a better man by my side !!!”
Also some proud welcoming words from our Managing Director, Frank van der Woord:

“As Managing Director I am so proud to welcome our new family member and leader of our Creative Content Department and A&R manager JJ Kane.

She knows her route in the music industry and I have an unprecedented respect for her insight and knowledge.

Since she, like us, finds the importance of the artist and the creation of beautiful collaborations most important, she fits perfectly into our team.

Together with JJ Kane, we will create a large worldwide musicfamily and we will bring you all great new music works wherever you live on this planet.”

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