We are very proud to annouce that we may welcome Elia Berthoud to our label !!!

Elia Berthoud – Singer-Songwriter, Model and Actor originally from Switzerland and is now residing in Manhatten, New York USA.

Elia is a rising star in the Music, Modeling and Film industries and someone we are extremely proud to announce has signed with Compulse Records…

He has made various succesfull singles including the three weeks ago released video for his track  ‘Without You’ together with his friend the great artist ‘Vassy’. It has got over 600K views…and the number is going up !

Elia is known as a model, because of his beautiful appearance. As a Performer on stage this comes in very handy, Elia writes great lyrics and melody’s and that’s why we wanted him to join our Music Family and sign to Compulse Records. 

We share his great passion for music and film and we are happy we get the chance to introduce him to the world.

His last song is a smash hit called ‘Without you’ Enjoy!

Please follow Elia on his social media accounts on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram and his own website

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