We are very proud to welcome Craig Snape, a.k.a. Kung Fu Jesus to our label!

Here at Compulse Records we are very proud to welcome Mr. Craig Snape, also know as  Kung Fu Jesus to our label!

Kung Fu Jesus is a frequency wizard who’s ultimate goal is to re-tune planet Earth back into a state of harmony.

He’s been practising this craft since 1996, starting with a small 4-Track Tascam studio to now developing full on, interactive, audio, visual, digital experiences to harmonise, educate and enlighten all those who wish to go down the Kung Fu Jesus rabbit hole.

In the past he’s been the lead singer/songwriter in other bands including “Genaro” on the Benbecula Records label and has supported Scottish band “The View” and Robin Guthrie of “The Cocteau Twins” to name but a few.

He also featured 2 songs on Emmy Award winning documentary “King Lines” and also a song on BBC hit show “Being Human”.

Great news!

His new song “Hold On To The Memory” is set to be released on Thursday 27th this month!

Also on the 27th this month his new RPG, Beat em up game “Kung Fu Jesus” is set to be released. Check out his latest offering  on Steam and delve into the inner workings of his mind.


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